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How to package pictures

The following article is going to provide with some detailed information about how to package your pictures / posts and avoid damage during transport.


  • Before you can start the packaging process, you should have the following materials at hand:
  • Packing tape
  • 2x polystyrene boards (2cm thick, per picture) or 2x hardboards
  • Tissue or specialist wrapping paper
  • Cardboard
  • Bubble wrap/air cushion foil
  • Postal tube



1. Canvases and Picture Frames
  • Place the canvas/picture frame on the polystyrene board and circumvent the outline with a pen. Alternatively, you can use hardboards.
  • Cut out the stencil.
  • Take the packaging tape and attach the polystyrene board to the back of your canvas / picture frame. 
  • Wrap everything in bubble wrap/cushion foil.
  • Now, take the canvas/picture frame and place it in a cardboard sleeve/tape it shut with cardboard.
  • Important: Avoid creating vacuums inside the parcel, so that your contents does not move around or get damaged in transit.
2. Prints / Posters
  • In this case, you may also use bubble wrap or a padded envelop. 
  • Label the front of the parcel with the following notice: “Please do not bend. / Bitte nicht knicken.”
  • You may use postal tubes which are particularly handy when sending small to medium-sized prints and images (A6 to A3). Be careful when rolling your print and avoid bending the corners.

Important Notice 

  • Please be advised that we are unable to cover for any loss or damage to your pictures / prints / posters / canvases. For this reason, please check that your pictures are securely packaged. 
  • If you send your pictures without cardboard, you will be billed an additional surcharge of EUR 8,- plus VAT.   


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