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Weight & Dimensions Guidance

How to weigh your parcel

Digital scales tend to be the most accurate, so use these to weigh your parcel if possible. Make sure you include the weight of your packaging and cushioning when stating your parcel weight (i.e. weigh it only once it is fully packaged and sealed).

It’s important to weigh your parcel as accurately as possible. Your parcel will be weighed by the carrier after they have collected it and if there are any discrepancies between the weight stated at the time of booking and the actual weight of your parcel, any related cost can be billed back to the shipper.

It’s also a good idea to take a quick photograph of your parcel on the scales on which you measured it before it is collected. This may work as evidence in your favour in rare events of dispute between your stated weight and what the carrier deems the chargeable weight.

How to Measure a Box

Our quote system requires you to state the length, width and height of your parcel. These dimensions are measured as shown in the example below:

How to Measure an Irregular Shaped Object

When measuring these dimensions, you should include the furthest most point of each side of the parcel, as shown in the example below:

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