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UPS Access Point

UPS Access Point™ provides a fast, efficient and convenient way to ship your domestic parcels and packages. This service enables you to drop off and/or have your parcel delivered to one of thousands of UPS Access Point™ locations throughout Germany.

Being located in retail outlets such as newsagents, grocery stores and petrol stations, our UPS Access Point™ service makes having your parcel collected and delivered extremely easy and hassle-free.

Please see below for more information about UPS Access Point™.

How it Works

How it Works

When you select to use UPS Access Point™ service for your collection and/or delivery, you'll be asked to enter the contact details and addresses of the sender and receiver. You can then choose one of three delivery options :

  • UPS Access Point™ – UPS Access Point™ (drop your parcel off at a UPS Access Point™ convenient for you and have it delivered to one convenient for your receiver)
  • Sender address – UPS Access Point™ (have your parcel collected from an address of your choice and delivered to an Access Point™ close to your receiver)
  • Access Point™ - Receiver address (drop off your parcel at a UPS Access Point™ and have it delivered to your receiver's door)
  • Our UPS Access Point™ lookup enables you to find the UPS Access Point™ closest to your collection and delivery address so you can choose the most convenient location when making a booking.

    Once you’ve placed an order, your shipping label will be emailed to you and made available in your My Account area. Print this off and securely attach it to your parcel then either await collection or drop your parcel off at your selected UPS Access Point™.

    If you choose to have your parcel delivered to a UPS Access Point™, you will be notified once it has reached its destination. In order to collect it, your receiver must take photo ID and proof of address. If someone other than your named receiver is collecting the parcel, they must bring their own ID in addition to the ID of the receiver.

Transit Times

Transit Times

  • This is a 1-2 day service. Most parcels take just 1 working day to be delivered.
  • Each UPS Access Point™ has a daily collection from UPS (excluding weekends). The collection time for each UPS Access Point™ can be found here.
  • If your parcel is dropped off after UPS have made their daily collection for that day, your transit time will start from the day of collection.

Service Restrictions

Service Restrictions

  • This service is available for parcels up to a maximum chargeable weight of 15kg, and up to 80cm in length
  • Any parcels exceeding these restrictions will not be accepted.

UPS Access Point™ finder

Find a UPS Access Point™

You can use our UPS Access Point™ lookup tool to view all of the UPS Access Point™ locations close to your address, along with their opening hours and collection times.

Search UPS Access Point™ Locations
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