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Shipping Skis

Shipping Skis – what you need to know

Planning a skiing holiday? Need to send your equipment to the resort before your arrival? Do it with Transglobal Express! We’re fast, inexpensive, and our customer service team will go the extra mile to ensure a smooth delivery.

Ship your skis and snowboards, boots and bindings, helmets and protectors to Canada, Japan, Austria or the USA. Have your equipment collected from your door and pick it up at your accommodation’s reception upon your arrival. For extra peace of mind throughout your holidays, transport your equipment with Transglobal Express.

Günstiger Skiversand
Ship skis via Transglobal Express

How to send skis?

Packing skis safely and securely can be tricky – so here’s all the info you need. 

Due to their shape and length, skis have to receive a little special treatment. It is important that you choose a strong cardboard box for the outer packaging. In order to minimise the risk of damage during transport, tie both skis together.

To cushion your skis appropriately on the inside of the box, please wrap them in at least two layers of bubble wrap – make sure they’re tight, and tape them again. Once you’ve put your skis in an appropriately sized cardboard box (not too big and not too small), fill any empty space with bubble wrap, filling chips or paper. Your skis need to be nice and snug inside the box and should not move around. 

Maße von Skiern
Mind the max dimensions of each provider when shipping skis

Once they’re all packed up, you can book your ski delivery online via our quote form. Enter your shipping countries, as well as the weight and dimensions of your parcel, for an instant quote. We offer a great range of shipping providers and services you can choose from – so pick the one which suits you best.

You’ll then be able to set collection dates and times, insurance and your payment method. Once the booking has been confirmed, we’ll email your shipping labels to you. You’ll also be able to access your shipping documents via your Transglobal Express account. Print out the labels and attach them to your parcel. Don’t worry if you can’t access a printer – our friendly staff will be happy to post the labels to you.

Important note: We advise you to provide the phone number of a contact person at your destination so that the shipping provider can contact the receiver.

All done! Put up your feet and wait for your skis to be collected.

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