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Loyalty Points

Information & Terms

What are Loyalty Points?

As a Transglobal Express customer, you are able to earn Loyalty Points each time you place a booking with us. You will receive 1 point for every 1 € that is spent on shipments, with 1 point valuing at 1ct credit.

Important Information & Terms

  • You are able to gain points from the freight cost of the shipment only. Loyalty Points are calculated before any additional charges are applied, such as VAT, surcharges and booking fees.
  • Credit Account Customers: Any points redeemed will be applied as credit and deducted from your monthly invoice.
  • Loyalty Points only apply to door-to-door orders placed through our website


How do I collect Loyalty Points?

  • Loyalty Points are awarded each time you complete an order. On the Order Confirmation page, before you proceed to payment, you will see how many points will be awarded for your order:
Collecting Loyalty Points


How can I redeem my points?

  • You are able to redeem Loyalty Points at any time by clicking on the Redeem Loyalty Points button. This can be found in the Account Settings section, located in the My Account area.
    Redeeming Loyalty Points
  • Clicking on this button will prompt you to confirm that you wish to Redeem the points (as shown below):
    Redeeming Loyalty Points Confirm Pop-up

Make Payment

Making Payment

  • Once points have been redeemed they are converted into Pre-Paid Credit. This can then be used to pay for future orders.
  • When you next place an order you will be given the option to use this credit on the Order Overview page of your next booking:
    Making Payment with Loyalty Points
  • If you tick the check-box the amount of available credit will be discounted for your order.
  • You can make payment for any outstanding balance on your card as usual.
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