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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to process a booking online or can I call through?
A. We accept telephone bookings from 9 a.m-5.30 p.m, Monday to Friday. Please note that you can get cheaper rates if you book directly online.

Q. What happens if my goods get lost or damaged in transit?
A. You can contact our claims department on 0871 855 7474 or email sales@transglobalexpress.de to find out if refunds/replacements are possible. If you would like a claim to be processed, please inform us within 2 weeks once you have discovered that your goods are lost or damaged. Once a claim has been accepted, it can take up to 3 weeks to process.

Q. Are transit times guaranteed?
A. None of the services we offer are guaranteed, they are all based around approximate times.

Q. Does the final charge include all costs?
A. We use 2 main criteria to calculate the final rate of your shipment:

  • The destination of the package (UK and European shipments include VAT as an additional charge)
  • Size & Weight of your shipment
    • The 'Actual' Weight
    • The 'Dimensional' Size (known as the 'Volumetric' weight), which refers to the amount of space that a package occupies

If a package is light weight but occupies a larger volume of space, the final charge will be calculated based on this volumetric weight. Example: balloons occupy more space than they weigh, therefore, the final charge will be the volumetric weight rather than the actual weight.

Q. Are customs charges handled automatically?
A. For Door to Door and Air Freight shipments, there are no customs fees for EU countries. However, for countries outside the EU, the receiver will be contacted directly by customs and will be required to pay any duties/taxes/handling fees before collecting their package. We do not get involved in the customs clearance process.

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