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How to package tires

The following article is going to explain the packaging process for tires. Please be advised that all tires with rims will have to be send in cardboard boxes.
Important! Tires WITHOUT rims can be wrapped in foil. Tires WITH rims will have to put into cardboard boxes. Should you fail to do so, additional handling surcharges will apply.

DHL Tire Delivery

  • Please visit the DHL homepage.
  • Unwrapped tires which are transported on palettes may not exceed a max. weight of 31.5kg and a max. height of 170 cm.

UPS Tire Delivery

  • Additional Handling: Should you fail to package the tires according to the carrier’s guidelines, you will be billed a surcharge of EUR 8,- per consignment.
  • Shipments may not exceed a max. weight of 70kg.


Before you can start the packaging process, you should have the following materials at hand:
  • Packing tape
  • Brown packing paper, wrapping paper or cardboard
  • Padding paper & foam matt
  • A cutter knife


Please package each tire separately.

  • Place the tire on a piece on a sturdy piece of cardboard.
  • Put the foam matt on top of the rim and fix everything using packing tape.
  • Remember to check if tires and cardboard are fixed tightly to avoid unwanted movements which could cause damages during transport.
  • Place another piece of cardboard on top of the tire  and fix both sides (upper and lower) with packing tape.
  • Stick the labels on top of your parcel.


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