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Sending Passports

Your passport is an important and sensitive document. Passports can usually be sent by courier, but you’ll need to be aware of potential restrictions.

Can I send my passport out of the country?

You can send your passport out of Germany. Other countries will each have their own rules—for example, in the US, proof of immigration or a birth certificate are required when importing passports.

Some countries, such as India, do not allow you to send passports out of the country.

Passports will be subject to customs scrutiny and delays of at least one day are likely.

Reisepass Versand

Can I send my passport as a document?

You can sometimes send your passport as a document but this may vary between carriers and destinations. In any case, you must clearly state “passport” in your item description.


Reisepass Versand

Can I insure my passport?

You can insure your passport for the cost of replacement. We provide free insurance for up to £50.

You cannot insure against consequential losses.

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