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Sending Phones

Mobile phones and tablets can usually be sent by international courier. However, they are restricted items, which means that certain conditions may apply. These will vary from courier to courier.

A quick rundown:

  • Not all couriers accept mobile phones.
  • For those that do, you can send a maximum of two phones per shipment.
  • Lithium ion batteries must be stored inside the device.
  • The limit per battery is usually 100 Wh.
  • Sending phones is prohibited in some countries, such as Turkey and Pakistan.

If you are looking to send a mobile phone, please get in touch with us first. We can then advise you as to the shipping eligibility of your device.

Lithium ion batteries

Lithium ion batteries are used in most electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. However, in recent years they have become a major cause for concern in air cargo because of their highly flammable nature. They can present a fire risk to aircraft, particularly under high pressures.

You can send your phone with most international couriers, and don’t have to use hazard labels, as long as the batteries are stored inside of your device and don't exceed a certain level of "watt-hours" (Wh), which is a measure of electrical energy.

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The limit is normally 100 Wh per battery, but restrictions may vary. It’s always best to check with the courier first, or, if you’re booking with us, get in touch!

All recent lithium ion batteries will have the watt-hour rating printed on them or in the device documentation. For older phones, you can calculate the watt-hour rating by multiplying the voltage (V) by its capacity in ampere-hours (Ah), both of which you can find written on the battery.

Returning items

If you want to return a phone or tablet you have purchased, we recommend contacting the recipient in advance and making sure that they will agree to pay any customs fees or taxes, or you may be hit by additional costs.

You cannot use air courier services to return faulty devices or those recalled by the manufacturer, as this is deemed a safety risk.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released in August 2016 and, a few months later, discontinued due to a battery defect that caused it to generate excessive heat and catch fire.

The product was recalled but remains banned on all flights due to its flammability.

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Contact us for more information

If you would like to send a smartphone or tablet by international courier, please contact us with the details of your device and shipping destination. We can provide guidance regarding your options.



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