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Shipping tyres

Sending tyres with Transglobal Express - fast and inexpensive

Tyre policies throughout European countries are as diverse as tyres themselves. In Germany, it is compulsory to use special winter tyres on icy roads. Other countries may have different regulations, so you’ll need to check those before you drive abroad.

It’s a good idea to have the right type of tyres at all times: the wrong tyres can wear off faster in certain circumstances or increase fuel consumption because they are less effective. Looking at fuel prices these days, that’s something to avoid!

Reifenversand mit Transglobal Express

When should I change my tyres?

As a general rule, you can ride fairly safely on summer tyres in Germany from Easter to October (or you can use the German words and remember “from O to O”—Ostern to October).

However, please be aware that this rule works only as a rough guide. The law dictates that the tyre type you should use is dependent on the weather, and weather can change. Use common sense and swap your summer tyres for winter tyres before the roads turn into slippery slopes.

How do I package tyres for transport?

Whether you sell tyres online and want to have them shipped to your customers, or you’re moving abroad and want to send them ahead, you need to pack the tyres safely and securely.

  • Put polystyrene or foam around the edges of the tyre. You can also use stretch film.
  • Place it in a sturdy cardboard box that is cut to the size of the tyre. You can buy a cardboard box tailored to your tyre, or you can cut it to size yourself.
  • Fill in any remaining space either with recycled paper, bubble wrap or other packaging material such as loose fill polystyrene. The tyre should be packed snugly so it doesn’t move around, and it should be able to withstand a drop from waist height.
  • The shipping label should be attached to each tyre packed. You can use a “documents enclosed” envelope or transparent film to prevent the shipping label from getting damaged.

Shipping tyres with Transglobal Express

Use our express services for sending your tyres fast and safely. With Transglobal Express you can ship your tyres with world-renowned service providers such as TNT Express and UPS Express. Book your delivery via our platform and save up to 70%! You can also track your tyre shipment live at any time.

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