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TG Flex

General Information

TG Flex offers a flexible and cheap combination of two services. Packages are collected from your address and delivered to our warehouse in the UK by UPS before being sent to your final destination via the cheapest shipping option available at the time (either DHL or FedEx).

Service Suitable for: Information DE Europe Rest of the World
TG Flex
  • Documents
  • Parcels
For less urgent shipments to destinations outside Europe. Flexible and cheap combination of two services. N/A N/A
Estimated Transit Time (Worldwide)*Estimation of delivery time depending on origin and destination

*When you book one of our services, your estimated transit time will be displayed on the quote screen during the order process. These estimates are based on deliveries between major gateway cities and vary from service to service.

Please note that while we enjoy a very high success rate, transit times with TG Flex are never guaranteed due to issues such as local bank holidays, adverse weather conditions and potential customs delays.

Service Restrictions

  • Please note that this service is restricted to goods valued at a maximum of 2000 Euro.

Size and Weight Restrictions

TG Flex (max. 69kg) Size & Weight Restrictions

TG Flex (Multi) Size & Weight Restrictions

Volumetric Weight

Your shipment will be charged by either actual weight or volumetric weight – whichever is greater.

Volumetric Weight is a value derived from the size rather than the weight of your parcel and may apply if your parcel is particularly large and contains relatively light items.

UPS calculates volumetric weight on import services from countries outside of the EU, by multiplying the three dimensions of your parcel together and dividing by 5000

For example:

Service Parcel Weight Actual Weight Dimensions Divisor Volumetric Weight Chargeable Weight
TG D Flex 10kg 10kg 50 x 30 x 20cm 5000 6kg 10kg
TG D Flex 10kg 10kg 50 x 60 x 40cm 5000 24kg 24kg


TG Flex (max. 69 kg) Surcharge Information

TG Flex (Multi) Surcharge Information

Please note that any surcharges on deliveries to EU countries are subject to VAT.

Prohibited Items

  • Our list of hazardous, prohibited and owner’s risk items is available here.
  • If you’d like advice on whether or not your items are prohibited, please contact our Customer Services team via Online Chat, email or telephone (069 905 067 80 9:00-17:30 Uhr Mon-Fri).


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